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Welcome to Furbiz K9 Adventure Park & Doggy Day Care- Where Dogs Thrive in the Great Outdoors!

At Furbiz, we're not just another doggy daycare indoor facility; we're your dog's gateway to outdoor bliss! We understand that dogs are born to roam, explore, and play in the great outdoors. That's why we've created an outdoor haven where your furry family members can be themselves in a natural and controlled environment, fulfilling their physical and mental needs to the fullest.

What Sets Us Apart?

 Embracing the Outdoors: Unlike traditional daycare centres confined within walls, we believe in the beauty of nature. Our facility is an expansive outdoor haven where your dogs can revel in the fresh air and sunshine.

Physical and Mental Enrichment: Our dedicated team understands that dogs thrive when they're engaged both physically and mentally. We offer a range of activities and challenges to keep their tails wagging and minds sharp.

Convenience at Its Best: We're your one-stop shop for doggy day-care. We offer pickup and drop-off services, eliminating the stress of rushing from work or being stuck in traffic to ensure your furry friend is well cared for.

Pampering Included: We love spoiling your pets, and that's why we offer a complimentary hydro bath to our doggy visitors. It's our way of saying "thank you" for choosing us to be part of your dog's adventure.


Why Choose Us?

Peace of Mind: Knowing your dog is in a safe and natural environment, you can go about your day worry-free.

Health, Happiness & Contentment: Dogs that spend their days outdoors, socialising and exploring, tend to lead healthier, happier and content lives.

Dedicated Care: Our team is passionate about dogs and dedicated to ensuring every dog in our care feels loved and well looked after.

Stress-Free Service: We've designed our services to make life easier for you. No more rushing or worrying about time constraints.

At Furbiz, we're not just a day-care; we're a place where tails wag, furry friends play, and lifelong memories are made. Let your dog experience the joy of the great outdoors with us.

Contact us today to schedule an adventure-filled day for your beloved companion.

Join us in making tails wag and dogs smile, one adventure at a time!

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